As Dr Mohamed Muizzu prepares for his presidential tenure, his Transitional Office and The Democrats have opened dialogue on establishing a united government. These talks aim to lay the groundwork for an administration that effectively serves its citizens.

Abdul Raheem Abdulla, the Director General of Transition, and Hassan Latheef, Interim Chairman of The Democrats, held a meeting on Monday. They addressed the media afterwards, clarifying that the discussion centred around building a government committed to justice and public service.

Both parties have shown interest in establishing an administration based on the principles of justice and equitable services. Abdul Raheem shared that The Democrats have contributed their experience and viewpoints on these foundational principles, intending to enrich the new government’s approach.

Abdul Raheem and Hassan Latheef revealed a shared aspiration to create a people-focused “national unity government.” According to Abdul Raheem, The Democrats have expressed their commitment to contribute to and enhance the current state of governance in this direction.

Despite garnering only seven percent of the vote in the first electoral round and not backing any candidate in the second, The Democrats have consistently indicated their willingness to be a part of Muizzu’s government. Both Hassan Latheef and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed have publicly endorsed this stance.

Hassan Latheef stressed the importance of a cooperative People’s Majlis, suggesting that the parliament should enable the government to execute its agenda efficiently. He confirmed that the meeting also discussed how The Democrats could assist in achieving this objective.