The Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan, which will seek to develop 6,000 tourist beds and a seaplane hub at the city, was inaugurated on Thursday by Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal. The plan is part of President Mohamed Muizzu’s Week 14 roadmap.

The coastal tourism plan was prepared by CDC Consulting and is designed to promote tourism in the south and to expand Addu’s economy, the Ministry of Tourism said.

The plan, which includes a five-year destination development strategy with a detailed analysis report, includes key presidential pledges such as setting up 6,000 tourist beds, creating 10,000 jobs and bringing Shangri-La Resort back into operation.

The plan includes a cultural village, wellness zones, marine protected areas, and a hospitality school.

The Ministry of Tourism said the aim is to attract tourists while also showcasing the rich heritage and natural beauty of Addu.

The Addu Coastal Tourism Development Plan sets a new standard for tourism activities and assures a bright and prosperous future for Addu and its people, the ministry said.