The Mohamed Muizzu administration has launched the ‘Hiyaa Vehi‘ portal. The portal is designed to provide immediate and up to date information on the status of applications for the administration’s social housing programmes.

The portal, which forms part of the President’s Week 14 roadmap, is designed to facilitate online submission on all matters relating to the administration’s housing related programmes and will allow users to complete housing profiles, apply for housing schemes, apply for housing loans and submit complaints related to housing.

The portal is designed to rank user applications when they apply for housing.

The Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development said the portal will enable the identification, registration and storage of information of those in need of housing in the Maldives.

It will also enable the administration to conduct housing needs assessment in collaboration with councils and provide information on future administration housing projects, the ministry said.

The portal can be accessed online, via Efaas, at