Mohamed Aslam, the leader of the MDP parliamentary group and a three-term MP, has submitted a criminal record status application to the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA). Aslam’s potential nomination as the running mate for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s second term is yet to become official. Neither the MDP nor Aslam could be reached for comment regarding the speculations.

Speculation had been rife about Vice-President Faisal Naseem following President Solih into his second term. However, there were indications that Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid also expressed interest in the position, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Aslam has had a long-standing association with the MDP since its inception and has worked closely with President Solih in parliament. While he was previously aligned with former President Mohamed Nasheed, internal conflicts within the party led Aslam to side with President Solih.

Aslam was previously put forward as a potential Speaker of the Parliament; however, the position ended up being assumed by Nasheed instead.

The deadline for filing nomination papers for the presidential election is Monday, 7 August.