The order in which the candidates will appear on the ballot in the upcoming presidential elections has been determined by a draw conducted by the Elections Commission (EC) on Wednesday.

A total of eight candidates were accepted by the EC as eligible candidates for the 9 September presidential elections.  Among these, five of them are running as candidates from their respective political parties, while the remaining three are running as independent candidates.

The draw was conducted at an event held at Dharubaaruge in the presence of either the candidate or the designated election agent. 

The order of candidates is as Follows:

1.     Umar Naseer – Independent

2.     Hassan Zameel – Independent

3.     Ibrahim Mohamed Solih – Maldives Democratic Party (MDP)

4.     Dr Mohamed Muizzu – People’s National Congress (PNC)

5.     Qasim Ibrahim – Jumhooree Party (JP)

6.     Faris Maumoon – Independent

7.     Ilyas Labeeb – The Democrats

8.     Mohamed Nazim – Maldives National Party (MNP)

With the draw, candidates will no longer be allowed to withdraw their names from the presidential race.