Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh has assumed the responsibilities of the Mayor of Male’ City following Dr Mohamed Muizzu’s victory in the presidential runoff election last Saturday. 

Muizzu, who chaired the first city council meeting since his election on Wednesday, stated that he would officially remain in office until 17 November, after which his mayoral seat will be vacated.

According to the Decentralisation Act, in the event that the mayoral post becomes vacant, the deputy mayor is to take on the responsibilities temporarily. The Local Government Authority (LGA) is then mandated to inform the Elections Commission (EC) within 14 days of the vacancy. 

A by-election must be held within 60 days following this notice, and the elected individual will serve the remainder of the term for the entire council.

In anticipation of the upcoming by-election for the post of Mayor, Ahmed Mahloof, the current Youth Minister, has publicly declared his intention to run. Mahloof, serving as outgoing sports minister, announced his decision on social media, asking for public support for his candidacy.

“I have decided to contest the by-election for the office of the Male’ mayor, which will become vacant on 17 November, 2023,” Mahloof announced. 

This transition comes at a crucial time for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which has recently suffered losses in areas previously considered strongholds, including the capital city.