In the wake of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s defeat in the recent presidential election, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) convened its national council to chart the party’s future course. 

Two significant developments emerged: a resolution to integrate the roles of President and Vice-President more closely within the party, and a renewed focus on securing a parliamentary majority in upcoming elections.

The MDP National Council has moved a resolution that seeks to make anyone serving as President or Vice-President of Maldives an automatic member of the party’s National Council, as long as they remain within the party. The motion was put forward by Anwar Ibrahim, the president of the MDP’s Thimarafushi constituency.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, whose term will end in November following his electoral defeat, has been a temporary postholder in the National Council as the party’s top leader. Under the new resolution, both the President and Vice-President would become members of the National Council for the duration of their membership in the party.

Anwar Ibrahim stated in his motion, “The MDP hereby declares that the President and Vice-President of the country while being a member of this party are members of the National Assembly of this party as long as they remain members of this party.”

In his first address to the National Council since his electoral loss, President Solih laid out his plans for the future, aiming to secure a majority in next year’s parliamentary elections and victory in the 2028 presidential elections. He assured the council of his full cooperation in achieving these objectives.

He emphasised the need for the party to align its goals with the aspirations of young people. “My wish is that the youth should come forward. We will be there to help. I think this party needs that spirit, that enthusiasm and that pulse,” said President Solih.

The MDP is keen to regroup after its recent electoral setback. The resolution to include the President and Vice-President as members of the National Assembly aims to strengthen party cohesion. Meanwhile, President Solih’s agenda focusing on youth involvement suggests a strategic pivot as the party prepares for future electoral contests.