A total of 77 Indian military personnel are stationed in various parts of the Maldives, the government has revealed. The revelation comes just a day after the government formally requested India to withdraw its troops stationed in the Maldives.  

At a press briefing on Sunday, Mohamed Firzul Abdulla Khaleel, the Under Secretary for Public Policy at the President’s Office, provided detailed information including the roles of the Indian military personnel in the country. He stated, “There are 24 individuals involved in helicopter operations, 25 engaged in the operations of a Dornier aircraft, 26 assigned to a second helicopter’s operations, and an additional two individuals responsible for the maintenance and engineering works of these aircraft.”

Firzul said the information was revealed to address public concerns about the foreign military presence and as part of President Mohamed Muizzu’s commitment to transparency and sovereignty. “The administration would annul any decisions undermining the nation’s sovereignty made by previous administrations,” he declared, adding that the government is currently examining over 100 bilateral agreements signed within the past five years.