Parliament members and government officials have taken significant steps to condemn Israeli aggression in Palestine and express support for Palestinian independence.

On Monday, the Parliament unanimously passed a resolution, submitted by MP Saud Hussain, which strongly condemned the inhumane aggression by Israel against the Palestinian people. This resolution calls for an immediate cessation of these actions, the return of lands taken from Palestinians, and the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state. 

This motion represents a cohesive stance within Parliament amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, addressing public criticism regarding previous inaction and perceived reliance on symbolic gestures rather than substantive measures.

Earlier, MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla had submitted a bill to amend the Maldives Immigration Act of 2007. This amendment, if passed, would ban Israeli passports as a valid document for entering the Maldives. 

Though not accepted by the parliament yet, Abdulla’s move is seen as a direct response to the Israeli atrocities in Palestinian territories and aligns with similar measures taken by other Arab nations and members of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Former President Mohamed Nasheed, now serving as an MP, made a stirring speech in Parliament, highlighting the Palestinian struggle for independence. Nasheed emphasised the resilience of Hamas and the Palestinian people’s enduring spirit for freedom, framing their struggle as a human and universal fight for independence. He called for a peaceful resolution that allows both Palestinians and Israelis to coexist.

Adding to the government’s voice, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer joined protesters on Monday, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The minister, underscoring Maldives’ commitment to peace, shared details of the President’s discussions with OIC officials and various envoys, reaffirming the call for a ceasefire and the need for a two-state solution. 

The unified responses of parliamentarians and government officials to the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict exemplify a cohesive and unified stance among the nation’s political leaders.