Out of the 9,000 plots scheduled to be allocated under the previous administration’s ‘Binveriya‘ scheme’, 663 plots have not yet been handed over, according to data released by the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development.

Although land has been allocated in Hulhumalé, Giraavaru and Gulhifalhu, many recipients have not had their land handed over since the change of administrations even as the Mohamed Muizzu administration works to allocate land in accordance with the list announced by the previous Ibrahim Mohamed Solih administration.

The current administration, meanwhile, has to work to ensure that land registries are handed over to those who have been awarded land at newly reclaimed areas and that land allocation documents are handed over to those who received land from as yet unreclaimed areas as land registration can only be legally issued where the physical land can be allocated after reclamation is complete.

The ministry on Sunday released a detailed table of the work progress thus far which shows that:

  • 8,250 plots have been assigned and registered thus far
  • 118 applicants who received land from areas that are yet to be reclaimed have had land allocation documents issued to them
  • 663 applicants are yet to receive their land registry and land allocation documents

A number of plots have not yet been handed over due to various reasons, including 303 plots where the land title has not yet been handed over to recipients, 16 plots where applicants have requested to not go forward and as such have not signed documentation accepting the allocation, 12 plots where applicants were unable to sign acceptance documents due to death, 120 plots where applicants have not signed due to extenuating circumstances, and 212 plots where agreements have been signed with work on issuing the registries ongoing.

Many applicants have been given a second opportunity to sign the agreement and the ministry is still working to contact those who have not yet had their land handed over, the agency said.

Some recipients, for variety of reasons, have expressed concern that the current administration might bring changes to the allocations made by the previous administration while others have requested to transfer their allocation to an area other than was assigned by the previous administration.

President Mohamed Muizzu recently said that those who received land under the Binveriya scheme have the opportunity to transfer their allocation to Gulhifalhu if they wish. However, no specific policy has been determined as of yet, with a decision coming soon, according to the President.