The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s National Council has resolved to initiate a public inquiry into allegations made against former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. This decision followed the end of President Solih’s term on Friday last week.

The resolution, passed unanimously at the party’s national council meeting held in Ukulhas, Alifu Alifu Atoll on Thursday, calls for a parliamentary investigation into claims made by the opposition. These allegations include the stationing of thousands of Indian soldiers in Maldives, threatening the nation’s independence and sovereignty, territorial waters being sold off, and corruption within President Solih’s administration.

The MDP also plans to form a five-member committee for the upcoming parliamentary elections and another committee to ensure government accountability. This move aligns with the party’s objectives to expand its membership, promote democratic governance, and prevent injustice.

Additionally, the national assembly has given the chairperson authority to form MDP committees and confirmed the appointment of Solih as the party’s interim president. Alifushi MP Mohamed Rasheed was also confirmed as the parliamentary group leader.

The resolution is a response to the ‘lies’ spread by the then opposition, PPM-PNC, to influence the September presidential election. These ‘lies’ included claims about foreign troop presence and the operation of foreign military bases on Maldivian islands, which Solih highlighted as a major challenge during his presidency, and subsequent loss at the presidential elections.

The MDP’s proactive approach in addressing these allegations and its strategic planning for future elections demonstrate a commitment to transparency and party revitalisation following the recent governmental transition.