Flats built for army personnel are finally being handed over to the recipients, Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Vice Chief, Brigadier General Abdul Raheem Abdul Latheef confirmed on Wednesday. The construction of the ‘SIFCO Hiya’ flats, which began nine years ago but had been delayed several times, has now been completed.

Flats will be handed over one tower at a time and will be done so as soon as possible, Abdul Latheef said.

“It’s a very long process. Everyone looks at the agreement in detail and signs it. So, it will take some time to complete it,” he said.

Those who had had keys handed over will be able to move into the units now and all works have been completed except for the ground floor and commercial area on the first floor, Abdul Latheef said.

The foundation stone for the army flats was laid on 26 November 2014 with the completion timeline initially set as 18 months. However, having faced several delays, work on the project was expedited when the government brought in China’s The Twenty-Third Metallurgical Construction Group to complete the building.