The Education ministry has allocated MVR 1.3 billion to implement the sing-session system in all schools across the Maldives.

Education Minister Dr Aishath Ali disclosed this during a speech at the inauguration ceremony of the F. Bilehdhoo Multipurpose Hall. The minister emphasised the extensive research and financial investments undertaken to implement the findings of the study.

The Education Minister added that the construction of the necessary infrastructure is underway.

To date, the ministry has undertaken 247 projects aimed at bringing about structural improvements in the Maldives education sector. Among these projects are the construction of 1,716 classrooms, 92 multipurpose halls, and 563 other essential buildings. The education ministry has also provided additional facilities such as laboratories, libraries, staff rooms, and office buildings.

The newly inaugurated multipurpose hall at Bilehfahi School reflects the significant investment made by the state, with over MVR 8 billion allocated to the project. This marks the 15th multipurpose hall opened across schools nationwide.

Highlighting the benefits of the multipurpose hall, Minister Dr Aishath explained, “This facility will serve as a cornerstone for strengthening the school community. Students will have access to an environment that facilitates various sports activities and enables the hosting of diverse council meetings and events.”

A single-session school system enables all students to participate in a continuous session within a regular school day. On the other hand, a multi-session system involves dividing students into various shifts or sessions, where some attend school in the morning while others attend in the afternoon. The single-session school system eliminates the division of students into separate shifts. It promotes a cohesive educational environment. This progressive model optimises resources and maximises the potential for comprehensive education.