President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who is seeking re-election in the upcoming Presidential Elections, has called upon his opponents to uphold the principle of separation of powers within the state and cease attempts to entangle him in judicial matters.

Addressing a campaign rally in Rasdhoo of Alifu Alifu Atoll, President Solih implored his opponents, specifically mentioning those urging the release of the jailed former President and leader of the Progressive Party of Maldives, to honour the boundaries of state governance.

He explained that while the court deliberates on Yameen’s appeals and until his legal proceedings conclude, the constitution provides no provisions for him to grant pardons or leniency in relation to his sentences.

President Solih highlighted the inconsistency in the opposition’s stance toward the judicial system. He pointed out that when court rulings favour them, they praise the decisions, but when judgments go against them, they accuse the executive of interference in the judiciary.

He reiterated that the law offers him no latitude as a sitting president to consider leniency until all stages of Yameen’s appeals are exhausted.

Yameen is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for bribery and money laundering convictions tied to the lease of Aarah in Vaavu Atoll. Additional cases against him are pending, related to the financial scandal of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC).

Yameen’s supporters, including his party PPM and its partner People’s National Congress (PNC), have called for his release. The coalition’s presidential candidate, Dr Mohamed Muizzu, has appealed to President Solih to transfer Yameen under house arrest.

Alongside PPM and PNC, former President Mohamed Nasheed of The Democrats has recently joined the chorus advocating for Yameen’s release. Nasheed contends that, among the numerous high-ranking officials implicated in the MMPRC scandal, it is unjust that Yameen alone has been convicted.