The Regional Airports Company Limited (RACL) and the Fuvahmulah City Council have held discussions, in line with President Mohamed Muizzu’s vision, on changing the orientation and extending the runway at the Fuvahmulah City Airport, the airport management company has said.

In a press release, RACL stated that its Managing Director Ahmed Mubeen shared the options available in terms of re-orienting and extending the runway with Mayor Ismail Rafeeq and other council members during discussions held at the council secretariat.

RACL Managing Director Ahmed Mubeen discusses proposed upgrades and developments at Fuvahmulah City Airport with Fuvahmulah City Mayor Ismail Rafiq during a meeting at the council secretariat. | Photo: RACL

Extensive discussions were also held regarding Fuvahmulah City Airport’s Development Masterplan, the SOE said. Apart from the proposed extension and reorientation of the runway to facilitate jet landings, the plan includes the expansion of the apron to create additional parking space for aircraft, provision of access to jet fuel, and the establishment of a flying school.

RACL and the council will also begin negotiations towards the establishment of a ‘Tourism Zone’ at the vacant lot adjacent to the Fuvahmulah City Airport, the state-owned enterprise (SOE) said.