A nightclub fire erupted in the heart of the Murcia region of Spain and claimed the lives of 13 people. About 14 others remain unaccounted for.

The fire began in Fonda Milagros nightclub and spread to neighbouring establishments. Police confirmed all 13 of the deceased were present at La Fonda nightclub when the fire broke out.

The quick spread triggered the occupants to make a frantic attempt to flee the crowded dance floor.

The incident occurred when the Fonda Milagros nightclub was at the peak of its weekend festivities. Revellers were gathered inside the establishment, celebrating and dancing, when flames suddenly erupted, engulfing the venue in a matter of minutes.

Among the victims of this tragic incident were some who had been celebrating a birthday. One partygoer, who managed to escape the chaos, later received the news that a cousin was missing in the aftermath of the blaze. Another possible victim texted her mother goodbye, expressing her love. Her fate is still unknown.

Rescue and firefighting teams have been in operation to clear the wreckage and search for any potential survivors or victims still trapped within the charred remains of the nightclub.

The nightclub fire engulfed the Atalayas area of Murcia at approximately 06:00 local time. The cause of the fire remains a puzzle. Mayor Jose Ballesta shared preliminary information suggesting the blaze originated on the first floor of La Fonda Milagros nightclub.

Local support has been extended to those affected, with a sports venue in Murcia offering counselling services for those struggling to cope with the emotional trauma inflicted by the incident.

Mayor Jose Ballesta announced three days of mourning in Murcia. Public events will be postponed as a mark of respect for the victims and their families.

The incident is referred to as the worst nightclub fire in Spain in over 30 years. A 1990 fire broke out in a Zaragoza nightclub, claiming the lives of 43 people.