Thulusdhoo in Kaafu Atoll is abuzz with excitement as the Surfing Association of Maldives (MSA) gears up for the fourth event of Dhivehi Surf League.

The competition, scheduled to be held from 28 July to 1 August, has unique significance as it is the first time it will be held at Randhaa Raalhugandu.

As the Asian Surfing Championship concluded in the Maldives just a week ago, surfers from across the country are flocking to Randhaa Raalhugandu for the competition.

For surfers, the battle at Randhaa Raalhugandu holds immense importance, as it is their gateway to qualifying for the ultimate event – the Rannamaari Challenge, the final competition of the league. Although participants have to register separately for the first four competitions of this year’s league, participants will have to qualify for the Rannamaari Challenge.

The top 22 performers of the first four league events will qualify for the Rannamaari Challenge. Points accumulated from the three highest-scoring events will be counted towards the qualification.

The Rannamaari Challenge will be key to determining the league champion. Points earned from the five events, including the Rannamaari Challenge itself, will be tallied up to crown the ultimate surfing champion. The top five surfers from the league will secure their places on the national team for the following year.

With the first three events wrapped up earlier in the year, the rankings are already shaping up. Hussain Areef (Ibu) leads the pack with an outstanding performance. Hoodh Ahmed (Hoobz) follows closely in second place, while Ahmed Agil (Ammadey) and Hassan Nasih (Chika) hold strong positions in the top four. Not to be forgotten, last year’s league runner-up Najah Mohamed (Kabo) is determined to make his mark and currently holds fifth position.

Interestingly, the Rannamari Challenge will be an open-division event and will not feature a junior division. However, a separate junior championship will be organised, with results from three tournaments with the highest points determining the winner. The junior national team for next year will be selected based on the National Junior Surfing Championship, similar to the process followed last year.

Currently, in the junior rankings, Kayan Abdulla Areef retains the top spot, while Yasin Ahmed Nashid follows closely in second place. Mohamed Inan Abdul Hannan is in third place in the senior rankings. Meanwhile, Shanif Shafiq remains in fourth place, with Yusuf Kayan Hamdan Zaki and Sayyid Salahuddin fifth and sixth places respectively.