The final, verified, list of applicants eligible for land in Addu has now been published.

Applications were initially opened for 1,000 plots of land but upon receiving in excess of 4,000 applications, out of which 3,972 were deemed to have met the eligibility criteria, the Addu city council decided to award land to all those who qualify.

Allocation will proceed in two phases, according to the city council, the first phase will assign an initial 1,000 plots, as per the actual announcement earlier in the year, across four constituencies in Addu. The remaining 2,972 plots will be assigned in a second phase by June next year, after the land use plan and survey of the land added is completed, the city council said.

“We are working to complete the administrative work needed for the allocation of 1,000 plots in the first phase by November and hand over the plots to the beneficiaries before the end of December,” the city council said in a statement.

Applications for the initial 1,000 plots were opened in February this year; with 500 plots in Hithadhoo, 300 plots in Feydhoo, and 100 plots each in Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo.

“Addu City is awarding plots because it has land. There is no issue with awarding 4,000 plots,” Nizar had said earlier, going on to add that he was confident the plots would be issued before the current presidential term ends.

Plots will be awarded from newly reclaimed areas in Addu. While reclamation in Hithadhoo is complete, Feydhoo is also set to reclaim land. The government has awarded the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) the project to reclaim land in Hulhuldhoo and Meedhoo, with most of the reclamation now near complete.