Male’ City Council has recently hired 78 staff members and initiated a City Watch program to enhance street surveillance in Male’. The newly formed Community Engagement Unit has enlisted 18 females and 60 males, dividing Male’ into 8 zones for effective management. Led by the Former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Saudhee, the unit aims to improve community relations and promote public safety.

The primary responsibility of the unit includes addressing roadside issues that affect the lives of Male’ City residents. These responsibilities encompass monitoring illegal waste disposal, removing unlawfully placed wooden pallets, preventing illegal goods unloading on the streets, managing vehicle parking, easing traffic congestion during peak hours, ensuring construction site safety compliance, and resolving water leakage issues affecting pedestrians.

When identifying any violations, the unit will engage with the offenders and provide immediate advice. If necessary, they will take appropriate action within the framework of the law. Male’ Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu officially inaugurated the task-force at a ceremony held at the Champa Central Hotel on May 14.

During the ceremony, Mayor Muizzu expressed the significance of the task-force and its alignment with their vision of ‘Chaalu Male’ City’. He highlighted the Council’s reforms, expansion, and increasing responsibilities over the past two years, emphasising that the unit’s establishment is an integral part of their master plan. Former Deputy Commissioner of Police and head of the unit, Ahmed Saudhee, echoed the Mayor’s sentiments. He assured the community of a safer and more peaceful environment.


Saudhee added that certain preparations are required before the unit can commence its duties. They will collaborate with the Maldives Police Service to train their staff in traffic management and accident response. Additionally, they will learn how to manage traffic flow around public areas like schools and parks during peak hours. This training will include familiarisation with standard hand gestures and signals used by the Traffic Police. Saudhee acknowledged that as the first initiative of its kind, challenges and setbacks are expected initially. However, he expressed his readiness to overcome any obstacles and fulfill his responsibilities on behalf of the City Council.

Male’ City Council has been dealing with a dispute concerning waste neglected by WAMCO in multiple locations throughout the city. As a response, the Council has published a list of these locations to bring attention to the issue. In order to ensure the cleanliness of Male’ and Villimale’ streets, the council presently employs over 100 dedicated staff members.