Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO) Managing Director Yoosuf Siraj is under scrutiny following a sexual harassment case involving two of the company’s employees. The Privatisation Board has suspended Siraj for two weeks due to the nature of the allegations, pending the conclusion of the official inquiry.

Sources close to the matter have indicated that a female employee at the company has been accused of sexually assaulting a male colleague. When the issue was first reported to the relevant authorities, Siraj reportedly intervened. He removed a committee member who had been working on the case.

Privatisation Board (PCB) has stated that Siraj has violated the government’s corporate governance code by acting in his own self-interest with regard to a sexual harassment case. The PCB urged the public not to spread false news regarding the allegations. The Board clarified that Siraj himself has not faced any sexual harassment allegations.

“We are working with the WAMCO board to investigate the management’s governance issue. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to investigate this matter without involving the managing director. Therefore, he has been suspended from his position for two weeks with pay,” the statement read.

Siraj was not available for comment to confirm his side of the story.

Siraj has been working at WAMCO as the Deputy Managing Director for just under three years. In September 2022, he received a promotion to the position of WAMCO MD.

WAMCO is responsible for waste management services in cities and inhabited islands across the country. It manages regional facilities and waste management operations in all cities nationwide. In 2016, WAMCO commenced operations by taking over the waste management function for the Greater Malé Region. Since then, WAMCO has expanded to cover other locations.