Chief Magistrate of North Thiladhunmathi Atoll Ali Adam has been suspended indefinitely by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for allegedly contacting and pursuing amorous advances with a woman involved in a divorce case. The JSC’s decision to suspend the chief magistrate came swiftly after the news of his alleged misconduct surfaced in local media.

According to reports, Chief Magistrate Adam is accused of making phone calls and sending text messages to the woman, asking how the divorce case should be resolved, and delving into matters pertaining to the couple’s personal lives. The alleged actions were deemed highly inappropriate and a breach of professional conduct.

The JSC, responsible for overseeing the conduct of judges and legal officers, took swift action in response to the reports. This is not the first time Chief Magistrate Adam has faced scrutiny, as he is currently under investigation for a separate but similar case, according to media reports.

According to individuals familiar with the investigations, previous inquiries carried out by the JSC have uncovered additional instances of alleged misconduct involving Chief Magistrate Adam. These sources revealed that the chief magistrate faced accusations of forming an association and devising activities, which raised concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest and impartiality. Moreover, disciplinary action was taken against him for allegedly attempting to mediate and restore a divorced marriage, a matter that falls outside the scope of his official duties.

The recent scandal involving Chief Magistrate Adam has also had repercussions beyond the courtroom. Reports suggest that the Kulhudhufushi Magistrate Court has filed a case with the police against a husband who threatened the chief magistrate after he allegedly attempted to form an inappropriate relationship with the man’s wife.