Around 1,313 out of 3,370 forms submitted to the Elections Commission (EC) for the formation of the People’s National Front (PNF) fronted by former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom are incomplete, the commission’s Vice-President Ismail Habeeb has said.

The PNF had submitted a total of 3,370 forms to the EC, Habeeb said, adding that the process to ensure the validity of the forms had now been completed.

Habeeb said 1,976 forms were valid, while 1,313 incomplete forms were sent back for completion.

“Some of the forms sent for further completion were signed and dated, while others were undated,” Habeeb said, adding that some forms were sent back because the registrar had not completed the requirements in full.

Habeeb said the forms will be accepted by the EC once they are completed.

Of the forms submitted, 81 forms have not been verified as authentic and the party has been informed in detail about the status of the forms, Habeeb said. Once the forms are completed and validated, as per the mandated requirements, the party will be registered within a week, he added.

The EC granted PNF permission to move ahead with registration formalities on 29 November last year.

Before the formation of the PNF, Yameen was the leader of the People’s National Congress (PNC). He left PNC when his relationship with President Mohamed Muizzu rapidly deteriorated after the presidential election.