Urbanco has revised the building regulations for residential units in Hulhumale’, now requiring the provision of parking spaces within the premises. 

The increasing number of vehicles in the capital city, Male’, has resulted in chaotic parking situations due to a lack of sufficient space. Hulhumale’, on the other hand, is progressively turning into a parking haven for these vehicles commuting from Male’.

According to the newly published regulations, Urbanco mandates that residential buildings allocate parking spaces based on the number of apartments within each building. Consequently, for one-bedroom apartments, there should be parking provision for one motorcycle. For two-bedroom apartments, two designated slots for motorcycles are required, and so forth.

Under the regulations, a motorcycle parking slot should be a minimum of 0.8 x 2.00 square metres, while a car parking slot should measure 2.5 x 4.8 square metres.

The recent amendments also grant developers the authority to construct residential buildings up to 10 floors or 31 meters above ground. This revision eliminates the previous practice of counting basement levels as part of the building’s floor count. Formerly, buildings were restricted to a maximum of seven floors, including rooftop terraces.

Alongside the dissemination of these new regulations, Urbanco is concurrently preparing for the land reclamation required for the “Binveriya” scheme, recently announced by the government. 

The project in Hulhumale’ will encompass a total of 26 hectares of land, comprising 1,351 plots. A substantial portion of this land will be reclaimed from the lagoon area of the island.