Hussein Fazeel Haroon has broken a longstanding national record set by Hussein Riyaz (Beybe Riyaz). Fazeel shattered the 1500-Metre record after three decades today (June 18) at the Indian National Inter-State Athletics Championship.

The previous record was achieved during the 1993 SAFF Championship held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Beybe Riyaz set the national record after finishing the 1500-metre race in four minutes 0.6 seconds. However, Fazeel Haroon has now rewritten history with an astonishing time of three minutes and 57.44 seconds.

Beybe Riyaz’s record remained unbeaten for several years and became a coveted milestone for Maldivian athletes. The honour of holding the longest-standing track record in the country has now shifted to Nasir Ismail, who set an all-time benchmark in the 800-meter race during the 1999 SAFF Games.

Fazeel’s achievement came to light during the first heat of the 1500-metre preliminary round held at the Kalinga Stadium in Orissa. He finished in the tenth position, outpacing Salman Farooq of Kerala. However, Fazeel fell short of advancing to the next round. The heat was won by Ajay Kumar Saroj of Uttar Pradesh, clocking in at an impressive time of 3 minutes 44.13 seconds.

The 1500-metre event holds a special place for Fazeel, as it is where his running prowess shines. Notably, he had previously emerged victorious in the 2016 national championships’ 1500-metre race despite nursing an injury. 

Speaking after his recent accomplishment, Fazeel expressed his unwavering determination and commitment to continuous progress, affirming that giving up is simply not an option for him.

Fazeel’s accomplishments

Fazeel’s athletic journey has been truly remarkable, as he has firmly established himself as a seasoned and accomplished runner. He has already set national records in the 3000-metre, 5000-metre, 10000-metre, and 10-kilometre categories. His feat includes breaking the 5000-metre record, which had stood for 26 years and surpassing the national record for the 10,000-metre race after 28 years.

Amid his impressive progress on the track, Fazeel had to take a brief hiatus from running due to an injury. However, he returned to training under the guidance of Naseer, his coach. Naseer revealed that Fazeel’s ultimate goal is to secure a medal in the 1500-metre race at this year’s Indian Ocean Island Games, and he is determined to finish the race in under four minutes.

Fazeel Haroon’s extraordinary achievement in breaking the long-standing record set by Beybe Riyaz showcases his exceptional talent and dedication to his sport. As he continues to inspire fellow athletes and push the boundaries of his own capabilities, the future looks promising for this rising star in Maldivian athletics.