The International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC)’s upcoming world tour event “Visit Maldives Pro 2023” was launched in Male’ City on Monday.

Scheduled to take place at Varunulaa Raalhugandu in Male’ City from 3 to 12 August 2023, the highly anticipated tournament was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof.

The “Visit Maldives Pro 2022” emerged as the second most expensive tournament and the best rated event on the IBC World Tour in 2022. Held from 29 July to 7 August 2022, the event attracted bodyboarders from over 15 countries, including numerous renowned athletes and former champions.

The Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA) revealed that more than 100 bodyboarders from around 20 nations are expected to participate in Visit Maldives Pro 2023, which is considered the biggest bodyboarding event in the Asian continent.

Speaking at the press conference, Hassan Rasheed (Rash), the General Secretary of MBBA, said: “We anticipate the participation of Australia’s finest bodyboarders, as well as representatives from Malaysia. We are thrilled to welcome former top bodyboarders and current famous champions. Notably, the points earned in this tournament will contribute towards the world championship, hence attracting a significant number of participants to the Maldives tournament.”

Minister Mahloof, speaking about the “Maldives Pro” of the IBC World Tour, highlighted, “This year we have witnessed the Maldives’ participation in numerous international events and remarkable achievements in sports for the country. The tournament serves as an endeavour to promote the Maldives through the power of sports.”

As the IBC gears up for “Visit Maldives Pro 2023,” anticipation is building among bodyboarding enthusiasts worldwide. This prestigious event not only promises thrilling competitions but also offers an exceptional opportunity to showcase the natural beauty and hospitality of the Maldives on a global stage.