The first round of the Asian Surfing Championship finished on Monday with an outstanding performance from the Maldives contingent. 

The first round consisted of 12 heats, with six taking place yesterday and the remaining heats starting at 11:30 am today. In the final six heats today, all Maldivian surfers finished in first place.

Ahmed Agil (Ammadey), the defending National Champion, once again displayed his dominance, wrapping up his heat with the highest points difference recorded in the competition thus far, amassing a total of 17.67 points. Ammadey’s exceptional performance included two remarkable barrel waves, scoring 8.17 and 9.50 points respectively. Sri Lanka’s Lakshita Madhushan claimed second place with 9.84 points, while Iran’s Arash Saghari finished third with 1.94 points.

Hussain Areef (Ibu), who secured a bronze medal in the previous Asian Surfing Championship and recently triumphed at Dhivehi Surf League event ‘Gaamadhookolhu’, emerged victorious in the final heat of the first round. With an impressive 12.33 points score, he comfortably outperformed his opponents. Afghan surfer Afridun Amu secured second place in the heat with 4.67 points.

After a nail-biting heat, Hoodh Ahmed (Hoobz) clinched victory in the tenth heat of the tournament with 13.50 points. Despite being in second place with only three minutes remaining, Hoobz staged a miraculous comeback by scoring 7.50 points on his final wave, a breathtaking barrel wave.

Jailam Nizar, competing in the sixth heat of the main event, secured first place with an impressive score of 9.67 points, surpassing Bangladesh’s Mohamed Mannan, who scored 7.26 points.

Abdullah Areef (Fuku) claimed victory in the eighth heat, scoring 10.50 points. Maldivian surfer Ismail Miglal (Kuda Isse) also triumphed in heat nine, earning a total of 11.17 points.

Second round of Asian Surfing Championship

Moving on to the second round, Jailam will face Hassan Nasih (Chika) and Adam Mueen Ibrahim in the first heat. Chika and Mueen finished second in their respective first-round heats yesterday. Additionally, Japan’s Ikko Watanabe will compete in this heat, alongside three other Maldivian surfers.

Apart from Jailam, Chika, and Mueen, the remaining five Maldivian surfers will compete in separate heats during the second round. The upcoming second round will feature six heats.