President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has marked the completion of various development projects in Meemu Atoll. The projects included new powerhouse establishments, capacity building in schools and health centres, coastal protection and the establishment of a water supply network as well as a FENAKA branch within the atoll.

The president’s official trip to Meemu Atoll covered six islands: Mulah, Dhiggaru, Raiymandhoo, Kolhufushi, Muli and Naalaafushi.

Mulah and Dhiggaru: New Wings at Health Centres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih inaugurated the new extension building of the Mulah Health Centre in Meemu Atoll on Sunday during his visit to the island. According to the president’s office, the new wing will provide improved facilities and services for the residents of Mulah and nearby islands. The new facility reportedly houses a public health unit, a conference hall, administrative spaces, and a medical store.

In the afternoon on Sunday, the president travelled over 21 kilometres to the M. Dhiggaru, where he inaugurated the new wing of the island’s healthcare centre. The administration says that the new premise has public health unit that offers preventive and promotive health services; an administrative space to manage and coordinate the healthcare staff, and a medical store to ensure an uninterrupted supply of quality medical supplies. The new wing aims to address and overcome various challenges in delivering efficient and effective healthcare services to the residents of Dhiggaru as well as its neighbouring islands.

New Powerhouses on Raiymandhoo and Naalaafushi

En route to Dhiggaru, the president also made a stop at Raiymandhoo, where he inaugurated the island’s newly developed powerhouse. The new electrical plant, situated away from the residential area, has sufficient space for extra services and eliminates the problems caused by the old powerhouse in the residential area, says the president’s office. The facility is equipped with three generator sets with a combined capacity of 480KW.

The newly built power plant and FENAKA office in Naalaafushi are modernised, with a 538 kW capacity and space for 15 employees. Unlike the old powerhouse located in the island’s centre, the new one is constructed away from the residential area.

Water Supply Networks on Kolhufushi and Muli

During his visit to Meemu Atoll, President Solih marked the completion of two water supply network projects: one on Muli and the other on Kolhufushi. The two water supply networks were installed by S.M.C Infrastructure Private Limited, and funded through the Indian Exim Bank’s US$800 million line of credit to the Maldives.

Kolhufushi: Coastal Protection, New Multi-Purpose Hall and Eight Classrooms

The coastal protection project on Kolhufushi Island was executed by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) and financed through the Green Fund. The project included the construction of revetments, breakwaters, beach improvements, and the establishment of a swimming beach. As part of the project, revetments were built on the northeast and western sides of the island, measuring 136.6 and 382.2 metres, respectively.

The president’s office says that through such development projects, the administration has achieved remarkable milestones in fostering equitable development across all inhabited islands in the country.